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Monday, April 22nd

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To me the big news this week is Netflix’s “What Jennifer Did” clearly using AI to generate images. This is definitely going to be happening in the future, only in the future it will involve video generation too, and it won’t have obvious, detectable flaws. I would say within 2 years we’ll be unable to tell a generated video from a real video, even with the best experts and tech on board.

So, what does that future look like? First off, any video and photo evidence is going to be inadmissable in any courts. We’ll see the rise of eyewitnesses, which are traditionally highly unreliable. I forsee some sort of certification process, where a notary watches you record a video, then notarizes the file within a blockchain. How else will we tell reality from fake?

I’m most concerned about how this will impact the news. I think that all citizens will have to be highly educated in how to determine fake images from real ones. My friend Edward Frank Morris wrote a great post about this on LinkedIn, check it out here: Link


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