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Monday, May 13th

Hello everyone and welcome to Leo’s Lightbulbs! I’ll be covering the top news from the past week every Monday morning in your inbox. This newsletter was written completely by hand, without any AI assistance or even AI editing.

To me the most interesting news this week is Microsoft’s internal development of their MAI-1 model to compete with ChatGPT. To me, this shows their new AI head, Mustafa Suleyman has his own agendas and doesn’t want to be tied down by ChatGPT. I’m sure he knows a lot about what is going on at OpenAI and I’m sure that OpenAI had warning about this.

Is Microsoft hedging its bets, or is this a sign of more falling-out between Microsoft and OpenAI? Only time will tell…

The Stack Overflow answer defacements is also quite interesting and presages a trend of companies selling data for AI when the users never explicitly gave permission (since AI as we know it didn’t even exist at the time, typically)


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