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Monday, March 11th

Hello everyone and welcome to Leo’s Lightbulbs! I’ll be covering the top news from the past week every Monday morning in your inbox. This newsletter was written completely by hand, without any AI assistance or even AI editing.

So, let’s jump right in! What happened in AI this week?

I think the most interesting news has been the continued guardrail and training bias issues with ChatGPT and Dall-E. This week saw headlines about Dall-E objectifying women and violating copyright - even when the user didn’t request those things. This has to do with training bias - Dall-E was trained with images representative of our society, so it generates images that reflect what it was trained on. It also has to do with failed guardrails, that are supposed to prevent this sort of output from reaching the user.

Similarly, issues with gender bias emerged with ChatGPT - once again, primarily due to training bias, meaning that ChatGPT reflects the bias of the society that “raised” it, but also relating to failed guardrails that should prevent this from happening.

I think what’s so interesting about all of this is that we have to specifically instruct AIs to not reflect our worst qualities. If anything, this makes them more human to me. I’m interested to see if this sort of issue persists in AIs like GPT5 which claim to have achieved AGI (artificial general intelligence, basically an AI that matches or bests humans in all tasks). I think that if more women and people of color worked in AI, we would see fewer such problems.

I think the Chinese spy stealing AI secrets from Google is actually less big news, to me, that’s business as usual in the realm of state-sponsored intellectual property theft. China is constantly trying to steal IP secrets from US companies.


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