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Monday, April 8th

Hello everyone and welcome to Leo’s Lightbulbs! I’ll be covering the top news from the past week every Monday morning in your inbox. This newsletter was written completely by hand, without any AI assistance or even AI editing.

So, let’s jump right in! What happened in AI this week?

I think the biggest news this week is how companies are running out of training data for AIs. As many of you know, AIs require large amounts of content that was created by humans, in order to be trained.

I’ve been predicting this shortage for a year now, and I expect that content production marketplaces will be springing up. That is, AI companies will contract users to produce tons of writing and photographs to be used to train AIs.

The other aspect of approaching this problem is AI companies trying to train using content created with AIs. While most systems show degradation over time while following this procedure, some researchers have successfully used rounds of AI content to train AIs without degradation.

Anyone want to start a training data marketplace with me?


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