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Monday, May 6th

Hello everyone and welcome to Leo’s Lightbulbs! I’ll be covering the top news from the past week every Monday morning in your inbox. This newsletter was written completely by hand, without any AI assistance or even AI editing.

The biggest news to me this week is that I got my Humane AI pin and my friend Jon Evans got his Rabbit R1, so I’m excited to test them both! I also got a Plaud AI recorder and am testing that too, so you’ll be seeing some hardware reviews from me shortly!

First thoughts on the Humane pin: It’s pretty cool, and a great beta product, but the heat issues and lack of any screen are problematic. Still, I’m excited to test it, and I can’t imagine too many people bought one thinking that v1 would be a full-fledged phone replacement on launch day.

The laser projector works surprisingly well in bright daylight (I’ve never been unable to see it, no matter how bright it is outside), but sometimes the projector just won’t turn on, and then there’s no real way to use the device other than voice-only commands.

The beta "Vision” app is pretty cool, you can ask it to “look” and it will describe what it sees using image analysis. Honestly, its best use is probably making and receiving phone calls, oddly enough.

More on it coming soon!


I’ll be attending the ISG Future Workplace in NYC May 13-14 and I’ll be a judge at the Summit Startup Challenge there! Come and see some of the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of work. I’ll be there recording videos and networking and hope to have you join if you’re available or in town.

Attend the conference FREE by registering today by using my discount code at check out!

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*Service Providers are not included in the offer

Have a wonderful week everybody! I check this email address ([email protected]) daily, so don’t hesitate to reply with any thoughts or questions for a chance to get featured next week!



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